Well, weight gain and weight loss can be the goals for anyone and everyone who are not fit enough. However, there are people who make resolutions to be fit and healthy either by gaining weight or losing weight. Of course, it is important that one stays healthy and fit by mentally, physically and emotionally and it is pretty much essential to be such. You may have seen people doing gym and having a perfect diet and still not gaining weight or losing enough weight as accordingly but to the fact, gaining weight is much easy than losing weight. Yes, even celebrities and stars do have their diet for their upcoming cinematic projects and this goes for the sportspersons too who are into athletics.

When it comes to gaining or losing weight it is important that you focus on the diets and the supplements that are used and taken for staying fit and healthy. Weight gaining is all about consuming a lot of calories than you are already taking and losing on daily routine and hence you need to be well aware of that and need to consume more as compared to your daily diet and supplements. Well, to help you better; here we have got some best dietary supplements that are often recommended in the Gym and training center or even by the nutritionist and the dieticians. Take a look-

Best Dietary supplements

You can simply take a count on these best dietary supplements that are trending in the market and on various online portals as well. Yes, you can buy these from the online portals as well, and it is quite easy however, it is necessary that you consult a dietician before you order a supplement online.

Universal Real Gains

If you are looking for one of the best weight or the mass gainer that serves less than 1000 calories per serving then here is the best in the list that is quite opted by the majority of the people especially those from specific fields who must stay fit. This particular brand has been manufacturing muscle gain dietary supplements for decades and is quite very popular on several online portals as well. Universal real gains serve 50 grams of proteins along with 600 calories every serving. However, this product is also low in carbs than other products available in the market both online and offline. You can opt for various flavors such as vanilla and banana.



Muscle Meds Carnivor Mass

Only if you know Muscle meds is the most popular brand that has been in the nutrition and health industry for longer than ever imagined. To the fact, the majority of the dietary supplements do depend on proteins that are originated from casein or whey but this particular supplement has got protein that is used from Beef. Also, the protein part is quite unique along when a 5 gram of creatine monohydrate to it. If you want to improve your muscular strength and power then you can simply have this particular dietary supplement to gain weight and gain some good muscular strength as well. This particular ingredient is quite inexpensive or cheap if bought separate but added up in this product makes it shine differently. There are several flavors available such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla caramel, Choco fudge, etc.

                          signature weight gainer

Looking for the most and high protein supplement in the market for gaining weight and also perfect for muscular power. This serves as the perfect body gaining supplement that has acquired a good name in the market. It serves almost 70gms in single serving. When it comes to these proteins, these are simply the healthiest and perfect proteins for gaining maximum muscle. These proteins are the perfect blend of both whey and casein along with the egg protein that works with the muscles. You can try this particular mass gainer supplement and can see the growth and changes in a few months.



Whey Protein

Want to low down your weight for a bit or if you are looking to burn down some calories then here we have got the market’s most popular leader with nutrition and supplements, whey proteins. Yes, generally whey protein has got both mass gainer and weight loss, and hence you need to choose accordingly. You have to simply consume as per the dietician prescription or else you can also take one glass of whey protein shake that will help you lose weight or a few pounds after every drink.




It is another popular weight losing technique or the supplement that will simply help you with all the ways of losing down some calories though. Yes, it has got an entire slew of health advances and benefits that will improve focus, alertness and memory and caffeine also reduces the risk and growth of cancer cells if taken on a regular basis. Also, too much caffeine is not good for health as well. It also helps in fat oxidation and has got some abilities that will break down the body fats and molecules and which you can use as energy to be required for day to day basis.



Green Tea

Well, you all might be already aware of drinking green tea regularly, will help you reduce the fats and will help you to burn calories as well. It will also help in speeding up the metabolism keeping you active and fresh both inside and out. However, not just green tea will help you, you also need to put a full stop on eating junk foods and outside foods. Keeping yourself away from dairy products and items will help you lose weight eventually though. You need to take a little extra care of your body when it comes to losing weight.





Well, you have got these all the above mentioned dietary supplements that will help you to reduce weight and simply look and stay fit and healthy throughout. Well, along with these supplements it is recommended that you focus on your diet, and exercises as well.