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Aurorae Synergy yoga mat

Yoga is a new trend for fitness, enacted thousands of years ago. It not only helps with muscle tone and calorie burning. Through doing a combination of relaxing exercises and meditation and deep breathing, this exercise includes the body and mind. One accessory required to perform yoga is a yoga mat. There are many benefits to yoga mat that you can enjoy to make the practice more effective. The primary benefit of using a mat is preventing any possible injury. When you think about your health, finding the best yoga mat to match your preference makes sense. Besides the design and color, you should also choose a yoga mat that provides comfort while using your poses. The mat should be portable and comfortable, as well as eco-friendly. Likewise, the mat substance and the texture of the surface have to be considered.

Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat is a hybrid between a towel and a mat. It is made of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin), a widely used synthetic material that is more environmentally friendly than PVC and said to be biodegradable in landfills. The characteristic of Aurorae Synergy is that the stability and strength of the mat improve when it gets wet. That solves the sweaty hands and towel bunching problem. The mat is great for the hot yoga class and besides your mat, you will not need a yoga towel.

The Synergy Hot Yoga Mat is the most recent development of Aurorae, and due to its unique design and manufacturing, it is US Patent Protected. Synergy blends the best of both worlds all wrapped in one unique yoga mat as a special hot/active yoga mat. You will no longer experience slipping or bunching your towel while moving on top of your mat. The wetter this mat gets the better the grip as Towel and Mat tie together 1st product of its kind that ties our 5 mm proprietary PER yoga mat as the bottom surface with our lush, non-slip microfibre towel as the top. If you intend to use the mat for other forms of yoga, you might want to use water to spray your hands and feet for better grip.

Why have this mat


Keep you warm:

You need to have a yoga mat to be used to keep your heat circulating through your body while you’re doing yoga poses. It will keep your body warm because your body’s heat is not transferred to the atmosphere.

Provides comfort:

Doing stretching and keeping breathing and posture is quite painful for beginner yogis. It makes sense to use a yoga mat that acts like padding so your body is not in direct contact with the ground.

Protects you from injury:

You need a safe ground to do yoga poses. Otherwise, you will not be able to effectively perform pose movement. With this, you should use a yoga mat for ample thickness to protect you against injury risks. Yoga poses can be comfortably done in a solid and stable surface such as in yoga mat.

Improves balance:

One of the benefits of the yoga mat is that it helps improve equilibrium. A firm and stable surface can improve both physical and mental results. Make sure you pick a mat that has the right stickiness so you can maintain a good balance while moving to a different pose.

Provides stability:

You should pick a mat that provides stability to make the most of the benefits of the yoga mat. The mat surface has to be firm and elastic. The impact made possible by the small air bubbles inside the cork cell is absorbed by a cork mat.

Gives a better grip:

You have to choose the one that gives a better grip to avoid re-adjusting the mat position. A cork yoga mat doesn’t lose grip even if it’s wet because a waxy compound is released. Therefore, the practice will not injure you.


  • Mat is non-toxic and free of latex hence it will not harm in any way.
  • 5mm thick, but not too squishy
  • You can take it anywhere you want. It is very portable
  • traction increases when wet
  • This mat could be washed in the machine
  • You don’t have to buy the mat again and again. This mat is going to last you for long.
  • The company gives a 2-year warranty to exchange your mat for a new one.


    • The biggest con of this item is it is too costly
    • non-eco-friendly
    • may give off a chemical smell at first
    • It could be slippery when dry
    • It may show stains over time
    • It has to be cleaned often due to sweat accumulation and takes a long time to dry.




Ques: It is free from latex?

Yes it is free from latex

Ques: Does it get slippery when getting dry?

Yes it gets a little slippery when it gets dry


Yoga Strap for Stretching

Stretch your muscles with the support of a strap and enjoy strengthening your after-surgery recovery or therapy. Regular stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong and healthy and you’ll be ready for the new adventures. With Sport2People Stretching Strap you can easily target various muscles and stretch them out. The strap of the yoga belt will help you stretch farther, keeping the poses longer. This will allow for greater protection, control, and performance. It includes an e-book with detailed descriptions of how to execute various stretching poses to ensure that you stretch safely and effectively.

No more concerns about the loop coming undone or tightening strap wrapped around your hand. with no support from others, you can perform poses you couldn’t do or even hang on the yoga strap. This stretch it out strap is 96” long, making it perfectly suited to anybody, regardless of height or gender. Sport2People Stretching Equipment is suitable for users with various heights and stretching abilities. The high-quality non-elastic material gives you a comfortable fit around your feet and in your hands. It has twelve independent loops that provide you with a full-body stretch regardless of whether you are an athlete, recovering from injury or just wanting to improve overall flexibility. By using this stretch strap you gain more flexibility whether you are an experienced user or a beginner. Our Stretching Strap makes flexible use because of its multi-functionality. Recommended as an effective rehabilitation aid after hip, shoulder, or knee surgery, by physiotherapists.

This product comes with a very good quality sturdy nylon yoga strap which doesn’t stretch. The stitching is very robust and has been made to last. It comes with a mesh bag from the gym to take around. It folds up quickly for easy transportation wherever you go. This yoga strap is easy to clean because it can be washed at low temperatures. And if you have bought one, they’ll give you internet exercise guides worth a lifetime! All activities are performed for anywhere. The Sport2People Stretch Out Strap is 8 feet long, which meets the standard length of yoga straps needed.

Why have this strap 

Increases flexibility:

The best choice to make for your yoga class is to get yoga straps This is because you get support from yoga straps while you stretch during your lessons. To beginners, the positions for yoga could be challenging and even difficult to do but yoga straps make it possible. Using a yoga strap and learning how to use it well will make your body more flexible so you can do those tough poses in yoga. This way, you synchronize your mind, body, and spirit well. Straps allow you to avoid poses this harmfully strain the shoulders also known as reaching in, which can negatively affect your muscles and limbs. A common example of the incorrect pose is to grab the toes with a rounded back. Adding a yoga strap around the feet will make this pose easier than pull the upper body forward while taking care to balance while relaxing the spine on relaxed shoulders. That has allowed me to experience great back stretching without impacting my form negatively. Yoga straps are particularly good for beginners or those with sore shoulders and hamstrings. Even professional yogists use yoga straps for poses which are almost impossible.

Maintains proper posture:

We all know that doing yoga improves your posture but do you keep this when you’re out of sessions now? Yoga straps are great to achieve even when you’re just switching off to or from work. It aligns well with your limbs too. Additionally, the yoga straps help you make deeper twists, extending longer limbs and great for shoulder openings

Allows proper balancing and inverting:

There’s a lot of difficult yoga poses like standing on one foot and raising your hip. This is feasible without the need to kill form by placing a strap on the extended foot.



  • This is a relatively simple strap that is perfect for any level of yoga.
  • It has 12 loops for a variety of poses that are great for beginners of yoga who want to perfect the art of stretching and posing Made to resist pressure as much as you are exerting, making it very durable for whatever pressure it passes.
  • It also includes work out leaflets that are great for beginners.
  • Offers affordable discounts for multiple purchases


    • It’s only available in one color, there aren’t many designs available.
    • It’s only available in 8 feet long, it doesn’t have any types of length.
    • Although it can be a great option for beginners, it doesn’t have a buckle that can be a bit difficult as it would take certain skills and hands-on the move.



Ques: How many colors and designs it has?

It only comes in one color

Ques: Is it suitable for beginners

Yes, anyone can use this strap

Manduka Yoga Mat Towel

 A yoga towel is a multifunctional towel, intended for use during yoga sessions. When buying yoga accessories, it is often the last thing we think of, but once you use one, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever done without it. It is important that practitioners maintain the poses during exercises without slipping, to reap the full benefits of yoga. A yoga towel will help here, helping you to dry your hands, feet and other parts of the body that are sticky and sweaty during workouts. A yoga towel may be put over a yoga mat to shield it from unexpected stains.

Regardless of your level of experience, a yoga towel is an absolute must-have product for your yoga workouts. Typically they are the same size as the Yoga mat and the best yoga towels are usually made of soft, absorbent, and non-slip material. Just put it over your mat to keep it from getting sweaty and slippery, or just wipe your face and body off the sweat. You may think all yoga towels are the same, but size, absorption level and features such as anti-bacterial can make a huge difference.

Stylishly designed, heavy-duty Yogitoes towel delivers on its promise: you’re not going to slip. The more sweaty you get it seems to work better and better. They have been having this towel for about 6-8 months now and have used it no less than 100 times now. Under no circumstances it is never bunched up or slid around, it keeps its color well and the edges have not frayed one bit. Manduka recently released inspired designs from street art (like the one pictured above) that add a whole new level of classiness.

Since the dyes are not the typical heavy chemical type, they sometimes die to get a little faded. Overall the quality of the MandukaYogitoes is great. It will last for a very long time and even though its more expensive than some of the other towels, it’s worth the money.


  • Cheerful styles inspired by street art
  • Patented skinless technology-hundreds of silicone nodules are placed at the bottom
  • Tightly sewn edge prevents splintering
  • Made from recycled water bottles
  • Has a solid feel and weight
  • It requires 66 percent less energy to make AZO.
  • Free of all chemical colors
  • Offered in two sizes: 72 “and 68”
  • Help you to preserve the life of your yoga mat.
  • They are washable in machines


    • It could fade a little because no chemical colors are used on this towel.
    • They are more expensive than some of the other non-slip towels




Ques: Is it necessary to buy a yoga towel?

Yes It prevents your yoga mat from getting stains

Ques: Can I wash them in machine

Yes, of course, you can wash it in the machine.